How to grow a handlebar moustache

How to grow a handlebar moustache

What is a handlebar moustache?

One of the most distinctive moustache styles out there, the handlebar moustache is a facial hair look that stands out from the crowd. The clue’s in the name when it comes to its appearance - once you’ve got a strong amount of upper lip growth you curl the ends of the moustache upwards to resemble a set of handlebars.

This look is a throwback to earlier centuries, but as hipster beard styles have made a comeback in recent years, the handlebar moustache’s vintage feel is a modern trend. What’s more, a handlebar moustache with a beard in the hipster style makes a perfect pairing for a facial hair look with flair.

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How to grow a handlebar moustache?

If you’re letting your facial hair grow out, you’ll probably wonder how long does it take to grow a moustache? For shorter moustache styles, we suggest working with 2cm of growth, so it may only take a week or so.

In terms of how to grow a handlebar moustache, be prepared for a longer time commitment, as you may need to let it grow out for a month or more to have the length needed to style this look.

A big part of growing a moustache is being sure to tidy it up as you go. This means trimming any stray hairs that might grow below your top lip as they appear. You’ll also have to stick with some unevenness as the ends on either side of your lips grow out.

For maintaining the handlebar moustache’s shape as it appears, the detailing attachments for Braun’s trimmers are the perfect tool. If you want to grow out a fuller beard to go with your handlebar moustache, be sure to read our guide on how to take care of your beard.

How to trim a handlebar moustache?

After at least a month you should hopefully have the long moustache growth required for the handlebar moustache style and it’s time to start trimming.

We’ll also be covering tips on styling the handlebar look and if you’ve been using any kind of wax or product to shape your growth, you should be sure to wash it out before any trimming.

Braun trimmers’ precision dial allows you to choose between 39 exact lengths. We suggest trimming your beard to a 10mm length before zoning in on your moustache.

In terms of how to trim your moustache, define the shape of the handlebar, using the precision detailer attachment, by trimming around your growth from top to bottom. When it comes to the longer whiskers at the end of your moustache choose a longer guard setting.

Once you’ve got the desired shape, you should edge any loose hairs around your handlebar moustache.

How to style a handlebar moustache

How to style a handlebar moustache

For this type of moustache, styling is a matter of more than just creating the perfect shape with your trimmer.

To get a curly moustache, you’re going to need to get combing, waxing, and curling. Firstly, start combing your moustache in the direction you want as it grows.

Once you’ve trimmed around the edges of your handlebar moustache, it’s time to learn how to style a moustache with your fingers. Using a minimal amount of wax, rub it between your fingers before working it into your moustache. Try starting in the centre and working your way out.

Be sure to avoid overkill with any styling products as you’ll want it to wash out easily for future tidying and trimming. You should also know a handlebar moustache will take a daily styling routine with wax so be prepared for a commitment.

If you decide a moustache twirl isn’t for you, why not try a shorter moustache style - our guide will let you find the ideal way to style the classic moustache to achieve the perfect look.

FAQs about the handlebar moustache

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