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Series 9 PRO+

Braun Series 9 Pro+ electric shaver

Up to 5 years warranty¹

Man using product on face while looking in the mirror

Efficient & gentle in every stroke.

No matter 1, 3, 7- day beard.

Which Series 9 PRO+
is right for you?

Series 9 Pro+ 9527s

  • Series 9 PRO+ shaver silver

  • PowerCase

  • Charging stand

Product with charging stand and PowerCase

Series 9 Pro+ 9575cc

  • Series 9 PRO+ shaver noble metal

  • 6-in-1 SmartCare center

  • PowerCase

Product with SmartCare Center and PowerCase

Series 9 Pro+ 9519s

  • Series 9 PRO+ shaver gold

  • Charging stand

  • Travel case

Product with charging stand and travel case

Efficient & gentle in every stroke.


No matter 1, 3 or 7-day beard.


Ultimate precision


For a perfect finish.


5+1 Braun’s best shaving technology


5 ProShave elements

The specially designed shaving elements work together to deliver Braun’s closest and most comfortable shave yet.

Shaver head

5 perfectly synchronized shaving elements

Shaves ultimately close at 0.05 mm, with ultra-thin blade design


Prevents skin damages thanks to the skin-protective metal bar.

Direct & Cut blade

Shaves tricky hairs growing in any directions.

ProLift Blade

Shaves even the longest hairs, with specialized lift & cut folk blade design.

Shaver head

+1 Ultimate precision

Built-in ProTrimmer

Precisely finishes even on the longest hairs, with surgical-grade stainless steel blades.

Perfection built-in for you

Level up your shave

Premium shaving accessories

For shaver like new everyday.

6in1 SmartCare Center

  • Selects the care program automatically

  • Cleans your shaver hygienically

  • Protects blade lifetime

  • Optimizes blade performance

  • Dries fast

  • Charges

Hand reaches out to the SmartCare Center
SmartCare Center

Up to 90min of shaving without recharging.

Mobile charging Power Case

  • Powerful Li-Ion shaver charging case

  • +50% of battery power

  • 90min of shaver runtime

Hand puts PowerCase in bag

Closer shave than ever before² with ultimate skin comfort

Pre-shave ProComfort head

  • Use before shave

  • Start with one EasyClick

  • 387 silicone bristles to gently massage your beard

Hand holds the ProComfort head
ProComfort head

Built to last for years

Made in Germany

Up to 5 years warranty - T&C on Braun.com apply
Product in gift box held by two hands

Built to last for years

Wrench symbol

Designed to be repairable

Repairable through our service centers, enabling maximum longevity. Designed to be always at their best with replaceable shaving heads.

German flag

Designed to last

Braun’s shavers are built to last for many years thanks to German craftsmanship and the use of high-quality durable materials.

¹T&C on Braun.com apply

²Tested vs Series 9 PRO+ shave only.

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