Hipster Beard Styles: Goatees, Growth Tips, and More

Top 5 hipster beard styles and how to maintain them

Did you know the word ‘hipster’ was coined in New York in the 1920s? The term originally referred to rebels who diverted from social norms by carrying hipflasks in the Prohibition era. Since then, contemporary hipster subculture has come a long way.

Modern hipster style is readily associated with creativity and independent thinking. Today’s hipsters are bastions of cool, and make sure they stay ahead of the curve when it comes to music, art and food trends. Vintage fashion is a trademark too, with oversize frame glasses and a statement hipster beard combining to create the overall look. Beard fashion is key here too, with many modern beard styles taking inspiration from the hipster trend.

Once you’ve discovered how to grow a long beard, check out our top five most popular hipster beard styles, with advice on how to achieve and maintain each look.

Style 1: The lumberjack beard

Style 1: The lumberjack beard

In recent years, men across the globe have rekindled their love affair with facial hair. With big, burly beards taking precedence over the clean-shaven look, the lumberjack beard is certainly here to stay. In many ways, this laidback beard style is the ultimate symbol of masculinity. This luxurious trendy beard is reminiscent of the traditional woodsman aesthetic, making it perfect for capturing that achingly cool hipster look.

The classic lumberjack beard complements many different face shapes. If you think it might suit yours, simply start growing one! This fashionable beard is also one of the easiest styles to maintain – once your facial hair is a full and lustrous length, just follow these tips:

Tips to maintain a lumberjack beard:

  1. When you first begin growing your lumberjack beard, try not to cut it. Once it’s grown to your desired length, trim any rogue hairs with a pair of dedicated beard scissors.

  2. To stay on top of this beard fashion trend, you’ll need to invest in a good quality beard shampoo to keep it clean. Applying beard oil after washing to keep the desired burly look and help accelerate growth.

  3. Brush or comb your hipster beard every day to keep it looking neat and tidy in the growing phase and beyond.

Style 2: The faded hipster beard

Style 2: The faded hipster beard

One of the hottest trending beard styles for men right now is the faded hipster beard, a versatile look that keeps you looking more stylish than unruly. The fade is an important element of modern barbering, and it’s actually extremely easy to achieve with a little self-learning.

This particular beard style complements shorter hairstyles, and is especially suited to those who prefer short-back-and-sides or shaved head. The objective is to create a seamless flow from hair down to the sideburns and beard, so careful grooming is critical.

Forgo the gap in between, as the faded beard favours an elegant gradient that gives a tapered, clean cut look. This look requires a little more maintenance, but the time you spend pruning will be well worth it – follow these beard trimming tips for guidance.

Tips to maintain a faded hipster beard

  1. Use your beard trimmer to create an attractive gradient instead of a hard stop along your neckline.

  2. Just like tight, faded hairstyles, you should aim to maintain your faded beard by refreshing it at least every two weeks.

  3. Condition your beard regularly with beard oil and use beard wax to keep your sideburns looking sleek.

Style 3: The long grey hipster beard

Style 3: The long grey hipster beard

A long, full grey beard is a standout statement, particularly when combined with a clean-cut pompadour haircut for an overall look that’s distinctly masculine. While some men go to many lengths to disguise greying hair, embracing your silver is the way to go if this hipster style is one you want to achieve.

If you find your hair turning salt and pepper, remember: men with grey beards radiate experience and maturity – and are one of the fastest emerging beard fashion trends. A grey beard can be a devastatingly cool beard style, given the right care.

Most men start to sprout grey hairs in their early 30s. Sometimes beard and head hair grey at the same time, but occasionally the beard will grey first. Whether you have one or two greys creeping in or a waterfall of white facial hair – be proud of your greying hipster beard. Grow it out and be the bearded hipster you were born to be.

Tips to maintain a long grey hipster beard:

  1. The trick to maintaining a grey beard is to keep it neat and well groomed. A dedicated beard comb will ensure it stays looking its best.

  2. With less natural oil, grey beard hairs are generally coarser and can easily become dry, brittle and frizzy. Treat wiry greys with a coat of beard oil and apply this more regularly than you would before the greys appeared.

  3. Whether your full hipster beard is black, blonde, red or grey, you’ll want to keep it in check. Trim any stray hairs regularly with a long beard trimmer.

Style 4: The square beard

Style 4: The square beard

Characterised by crisp, clean lines, the square beard is immaculately shaped and striking. It’s the perfect beard style for those who have a medium length of facial hair that they want to tame into submission.

While the traditional hipster beard is laid back, this boxed take on the trend gives an immaculate overall impression. If you feel your jawline is too soft, shaping a distinct square beard can help create the illusion of striking angles. It exudes strong attitude and a sense of subtle confidence.

For a super sleek look, combine with neatly combed back hair to highlight your newly defined jawline. To achieve this look, keep your square hipster beard trimmed short at the sides, but retain decent length along the chin before squaring it off with your beard trimmer.

Tips to maintain a square beard

  1. With the advancement in modern technology, beard trimming has never been easier. Pick up a good-quality beard trimmer, like the Braun Series X trimmer to keep your square beard in check.

  2. Shape your square beard straight down, parallel to the back edge of your sideburns.

  3. Neaten and box off the end of your beard, taking time to distinguish the overall shape before going in with your beard trimmer.

Style 5: The beard with the hipster moustache

Style 5: The beard with the hipster moustache

The epitome of refined manliness, the handlebar moustache has seen a huge revival in recent years – and is today one of the biggest trademarks of hipster style. Adding a unique twist to the hipster beard trend, the handlebar moustache is a true statement of beard fashion.

The longer you grow your hipster beard, the more robust your handlebar will appear. Once it’s grown to optimum length, you can twist the ends of your moustache and style the outer corners to resemble handlebars.

Regular styling and grooming are key to ensure your moustache’s ends do not drop down. With some planning and patience, you can achieve an elegant hipster beard with a marvellous moustache that promises to be the ultimate conversation starter.

Tips to maintain a beard with a hipster moustache

  1. A good quality beard trimmer is essential to maintain your preferred moustache length. Shear off the top rows of hairs and snip the strays off your lips as and when required.

  2. Similarly, beard wax should be your new best friend. It will help keep your moustache in shape from morning to night.

  3. Moustache hairs can be bristly and thicker than beard hair. When your moustache feels dry, be sure to apply beard oil or moisturiser to prevent skin from becoming irritated.

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