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New: Introducing
the Series 8.

Precise closeness
& skin comfort.

Discover the Series 8 range.

Series 8 8391cc Wet & Dry shaver

with Clean & Charge station, silver

Series 8 8390cc Wet & Dry shaver

with Clean & Charge station, silver

Series 8 8350s shaver

with charging stand and travel case, silver

Not sure which models suits you best?

What’s new

Pro Display¹

+20% battery. One charge -
one month of shaving²

32-Bit chip

Precise closeness
& skin comfort.


The precision shaving head captures more hair in one stroke, even in the trickiest areas.


30,000 cutting actions cut every hair as close as 0.05mm. For a flawless shave.

Skin comfort.

Sonic Technology lets the shaver glide across your skin with ease, for a gentle shave.

Smart under the surface.

AutoSense technology.

A new 32-Bit chip adjusts the shaver’s power to your beard to shave even densest beard efficiently.

Sonic technology.

10,000 vibrations let the shaver glide across your skin.

4 shaving elements.

3 cutting elements and 1 skin guard get every hair in one stroke.

The Smart Technology
inside S8.

Sonic vibrations for
enhanced gliding.

Reads your beard and adjusts
power consequently.

32-Bit chip

Design that matters.

Pro Display.¹

One display with all information you need to keep your shaver brand new.

8D Flex head.

Adapts to your face in 8 directions, getting every hair.

Precision Trimmer.

Integrated in the S8 body, takes care of the finishing touches.

Ergonomic Design.

Designed for intuitive use, to perfectly fit in your hand.

Precision Head Lock.

Locks the shaving head to help you be more precise in tricky areas.

that lasts.

Built to last.
Every day,
for up to 7 years.

Made in Germany.

braun series-9 icon made-in-germany

Wet & Dry¹

100% Waterproof

5 min quick charge

Clean & Charge Pro

  1. Selects the right cleaning intensity for your shaver
  2. Cleans it
  3. Lubricates it
  4. Charges it

What’s in the box³

Our products for a flawless

Series 9

Our Best Shaver.

World’s most efficient shaver. Exceptionally gentle.⁴

Series 8

Smart Precision.

Precise closeness and skin comfort.

2 specialized trimmer for best efficiency

Shaving elements

Shaving elements

Cutting actions per minute

Cutting actions per minute

Flawless even on 3 day beards

Flawless even on 1 day beards

¹For selected models only.

²S8 vs S7.

³Content of box depends on selected model.

⁴Tested on 3-day beards, vs. leading products in the premium tier.