Many of our grooming
appliances are


Our heritage of repairability

In 1921, Max Braun, our founder, developed an innovative repair solution that marked the birth of Braun as we know it. His belief in smart design remains at the heart of our philosophy and, 100 years later, most of our grooming appliances can be repaired. We’re always looking for ways to make more of our products repairable.

On top of our high quality standards, we work with a global network of authorized service partners to offer an award-winning service that gives consumers the option to repair appliances they already own. In some cases up to 10 years after purchase. Find instructions, parts and partners.

Repairing your Braun

How to get my device serviced


All of our devices can, and should, be collected through Waste Electronic and Electric Equipment (WEEE) recycling.

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