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A facial hair style that makes a little hair go a long way, the moustache remains an iconic look that can add stylish flair to any man’s face. This style is a delicate art, as it’s going to take careful shaping with your electric shaver. Luckily, Braun’s precision trimmers are armed with a range of attachments to make detail edging to style your new facial hair style look smooth and simple. In this article we’ll run through some of the most popular and enduring moustache styles and show you how to trim a moustache expertly.

The moustache with stubble

The moustache with stubble

We’re starting simple with our first style of moustache, which is the perfect partner to a 3-day beard. A good length to work with on the upper lip for most types of moustache is 2cm of growth.

For a moustache style with stubble, a 2cm length stops short of being bushy as you’re going for a sleek and minimal look to match your stubble. Our How to Stubble guide suggests stylish stubble is best achieved by shaving against the grain down to a length of somewhere between 1mm and 3mm.

To shape this beard style, you’ll want to remove the beard comb and directly use the beard trimmer’s head to shape the moustache, starting wide on either side of the lips working down to get a tidy look.

Our final tip is to alternate your strokes with the shaver between each side of your face. When styling your moustache with stubble, this will keep your rugged look perfectly even and help your facial hair to grow out evenly.

The handlebar moustache

The handlebar moustache

Want to push the boat out with a thick moustache? There’s a few ways to make a statement with the hair on your upper lip and one of them is most definitely the handlebar moustache.

Compared with our minimal and easy stubble pairing, the handlebar extends beyond the edges of your lips and curves up on your cheeks to give it the distinctive shape which its name comes from. This moustache style definitely isn’t a 3-day commitment – to get this look you’ll want to grow out your facial hair for at least a month, but it may take you even longer to get the length needed for styling.

Our styling tip is to comb your moustache hair as it grows out to get the direction of growth you’re looking for and it will make styling the handlebar a lot easier.

If you find this look is your ideal type of moustache and want to take it further, you can grow a hipster beard to accompany it – one of our top picks for modern long beard styles.

The horseshoe moustache

The horseshoe moustache

Our next style takes things to the next level with an eye-catching long moustache. The horseshoe moustache brings to mind a hard-edged cowboy out on the ranch, with both its name and its wild curved look.

This style of moustache also had a comeback in popularity in the 1970s and with a bit of styling know-how, it’s a retro moustache that’s going to let you stand out from the crowd.

To get the horse shoe moustache look, you first want to remove all hair from the centre of your chin, your upper cheeks and your beard neckline. Be sure to let this style grow out to at least a couple of centimetres before you start shaping to give it the thickness it deserves.

To maintain your horseshoe moustache look once you have shaped it, why not experiment with different comb lengths to see what beard length looks best on your face. Our tip would be to start with the longest possible comb and work your way down to see what suits your face.

The moustache and goatee

The moustache and goatee

This beard and moustache pairing is a match made in facial hair heaven, and differs from the traditional goatee in a couple of important ways. Unlike the full goatee, with this look the moustache and beard on your chin are unconnected. This makes it a great fit if you’ve got good growth lower down your face but not on your cheeks.

This look has been sported by the likes of Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp. If you want to follow in their footsteps, you should trim the edges of the moustache and goatee once you’ve let it grow out to its full length. Braun’s precision detailing attachment will make a great tool to help you do this delicately and keep the growth you’ve got going on. If you know a fuller beard look is the one for you, check out our step by step guide on how to shape a full goatee.

Discover Braun's Trimmer range to find the perfect moustache grooming kit

Trimming a moustache can be challenging, but it will be a lot easier if you’ve got the right tools for the job. Braun’s beard trimmers also make a great moustache grooming kit. The range of guards you’ll find with a Braun multi-grooming kit mean you can work out what length and style works best for your facial hair.

The precision trimming attachment is also exactly what you want when carefully trimming your moustache to get one of the stylish looks we’ve covered above. If you’re inspired to try one of these looks, check out Braun’s range of Electric Shavers and Stylers and Trimmers to find your ideal grooming kit. The precision dial with beard trimmers works in 0.5mm steps so you can also try out a longer style like the horseshoe moustache and shape it down to a sexy stubble beard. Just flick a quick twist of the dial and on your trimmer and work it down to the look for you.

Discover Braun's Trimmer range to style your perfect look

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