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Series 9 – Study results

Study results to substantiate the claims: "World’s most efficient shave (shaver)*. Exceptionally gentle."
* Tested on 3-days beards versus leading premium products.

11 studies in total were carried out to substantiate the claims of "World’s most efficient shaver.* Exceptionally gentle." as well as "World’s most efficient shave.* Exceptionally gentle." with the asterisk “*tested on 3-days beards versus leading premium products”.
In studies 1 to 5, the shaving efficiency of the Braun Series 9 compared to 5 different competitor shavers on 3-days beards was objectively determined using an optical measurement procedure.
In studies 6 to 11, the ipi Instituts for Product-Market-Research in Stuttgart tested the Braun Series 9 electric shaver in comparison with 6 different competitor shavers from the premium segment, and they were subjectively assessed by consumers. "Shaving Efficiency" relates to how much hair the shaver removes per stroke/time unit. A consumer is also able to see this at