Products that are
simple, useful and built
to last

Durable Design

Our belief in durable design

At Braun, we do believe that good design is simple, useful and built to last. You’ll see that in all our grooming products. Our approach is to create functionally designed, long-lasting objects that people need and that enable people to live a better life by using only what matters most.

Quite simply, the longer an appliance lasts, the lower its environmental impact. The combination of German craftsmanship and rigorous durability testing means that our products are designed to last for a minimum of five years, with many enduring far longer.

“I have a Braun epilator that was a gift from my husband, great invention. I must have had it for 15 years, if not more. It’s still great to use.” Braun customer

It shouldn’t be difficult for you to get more years of use from your Braun product either. Basic product maintenance helps extend the life of your grooming device and makes the most of its durable design.



Many of our grooming appliances are repairable.



All of our devices can, and should, be collected through Waste Electronic and Electric Equipment (WEEE) recycling.

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