Good Design Masterclass with Ilse Crawford

Good Design Masterclass with Ilse Crawford
As part of the Braun 100 year anniversary, Ilse Crawford explores the Braun principles of good design
In this three-episode series, designer Ilse Crawford explores good design through the lens of the Braun design principles – Simple, Useful and Built to last. Offering an engaging introduction to design thinking, each episode sheds new light on classics, such as Isamu Noguchi’s Akari lamp, and uncovers the hidden genius in solutions, like the humble U-bend, that we often take for granted.

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built to last

“It’s about an authentic love for things, rather than designing for obsolescence.”

Ilse's Biography

Ilse Crawford is a designer, teacher and creative director, known for her distinctively human-centred approach. From private homes to public spaces, furniture and product, Ilse’s work places human needs and desires at the fore, creating environments where people feel truly at ease and useful things that enhance human behaviour and actions.

Studioilse, founded by Ilse Crawford, is the multidisciplinary London-based studio through which these projects are realised. “I think design is often mistaken for an aesthetic,” Ilse says. “But the fact is, it can build new realities.”

Ilse's Biography

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