How to prevent skin irritation and shaving rash
How to prevent skin irritation and shaving rash

How to prevent skin irritation and shaving rash

Avoiding skin irritation is one of the concerns you might face.

Don’t panic! You can help reducing the risk of razor burns by applying our simple tips to your daily routine.

Tip 1: Invest in the right shaver and use the right technique

Selecting the right shaver and applying the correct techniques play a large part in preventing in-grown hairs, razor bumps and reducing irritation. Some electric shavers draw heat towards their head, inflaming and irritating your skin.

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Tip 2: How to Prepare your Face for Shaving

Using foam or gel has been proven to significantly soften skin and therefore make it less prone to irritation. However, if you prefer a dry shave, we recommend avoiding washing your face first as your skin tends to swell slightly after a wash. Always remember that you need to maintain pressure but don’t need to push too hard as this can increase incidences of shaving rash.

Tip 3: The worst thing to do is ignore your skin immediately after shaving

The post shave is as important, if not more important than the pre shave and the actual shave itself. If you still have a few in-growns, you can actually physically lift the in-grown hair out with a pair of tweezers, just be careful not to pull it out completely. It will make the hair regrow deeper. Use cold water or a cold towel over your face to cool your skin and close your pores. You can also use some spray toner to bring the pH level of your skin back to normal as some tap water can knock your pH out of kilter. And of course, the right aftershave is the best way to end a shave.