How to prevent skin irritation, razor burns and shaving rash

How to prevent skin irritation, razor burns and shaving rash

Working out how to avoid skin irritation and shaving rash are common issues for anyone that shaves. By applying simple tips in your daily routine you can learn how to stop shaving rash in its tracks.

If you experience irritation or redness after shaving, this is normally caused by razor burn. Many people wonder what causes shaving rash and the answer is normally friction between your shaver and skin which can be caused by issues with your shaver or your technique.

Tip 1: Choose a shaver that suits your skin

Selecting the right shaver for your skin type plays a large role in preventing in-grown hairs, razor bumps and reducing irritation.

Some electric shavers draw heat towards their head, causing inflammation and irritation on your skin. If your electric shaver leaves your face feeling hot and irritated you may wish to try the shaving technology of the Braun Series 7.

The 360 flexible rotation of this device’s head means you can shave smoothly with fewer strokes. If you want to try out a stylish stubble look, the included beard trimmer heads also allow you to grow out beard styles as short as 0.5mm.

Using hot water can soften your beard hair and makes for a smoother shave so why not try shaving in the shower with foam and gel compatible models such as the Braun Series 5 Wet and Dry. This allows for a moisturizing shaving experience and is ideal if you find dry shaving irritates your skin’s surface.

A common reason for razor burn is having to shave the same area repeatedly which, puts unnecessary strain on your skin. The Braun Series 9 Pro electric shaver can catch hairs as short as 0.05mm, reducing the number of strokes needed. With this efficient shave, your skin has the best chances of staying irritation-free.

Braun electric shavers

Tip 2: How to prepare your face for the shave

However you like to shave, getting your face ready can make it a smoother experience. If you’ve ever wondered why use shaving cream: it’s because foam or gel are proven to significantly soften the skin and make it less prone to irritation while shaving.

Additionally, learning how to exfoliate skin can reduce friction from shaving as dead skin cells can clog up your electric shaver and cause it to pull on your face.

If you prefer dry shaving without foam, we recommend letting your skin rest before shaving as skin tends to be slightly swollen after washing. In both cases, remember not to push too hard as this is a common cause of razor rash and the efficient cutting technology of Braun shavers works without extra force.

If you have grown out a long beard, giving the ends a gentle trim can also make shaving easier on your face’s skin. Remember to rinse the blades after every shave or use a Braun cleaning station to keep the blades lubricated and ready for next time.

Tip 3: Use the right shaving technique

Knowing how to shave properly is an art to master with the help of some essentials you should keep in mind.

Gently applying shaving gel reduces the chance of irritation and investing in a shaving brush can be an even better way to lubricate all the areas you’re going to be using your electric shaver on. A shaving brush gives you an especially even application of gel and gently exfoliates so your shaver can get to work best.

To make sure you get a close shave across your face, pull your skin taut with your free hand. When learning how to shave properly, this can let you fully reach difficult to shave areas like the neck.

If you’re wondering how to prevent razor bumps, a final shaving tip is to avoid shaving against the grain that your hair grows in.

Tip 4: The worst thing to do is to ignore your skin immediately after the shave

The post shave is equally important, maybe even more important than the pre and actual shave itself. If you think that you still have some in-growns, you can actually physically lift the in-grown hair out with a pair of tweezers, but just be careful not to pull it out completely. It will make the hair regrow deeper. Use cold water or a cold towel over your face to cool the skin and close the pores. You can also use some spray toner to bring the pH level of your skin back to normal since some sink water may put your pH out of whack. And of course, a proper aftershave is the best way to end a shave.

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