Mastering Your Home Office Beard Style in 2023

Mastering Your Home Office Beard Style in 2023

More and more men work from home nowadays. Of course, you might have a job which means you are out and about all the time. Even so, the chances are that you will be expected to carry out some administrative chores from home now and again. If so, you could easily be asked to come into the office or be expected to be available at short notice for a video conference call with colleagues or even your boss. If so, you will want to ensure that your beard is presentable and affords a professional beard look. Otherwise, you could be seen as taking advantage of working from home rules and even of being lazy.

Of course, all of this comes down to perception. Office beard styles may vary but the one thing they have in common is that they set the tone for the rest of your appearance. If you wouldn't dream of going into the office without a collar and a tie, then why would you allow a scruffy beard to diminish from your professional appearance? After all, there are numerous beard grooming tools available to use, not least from Braun. Find out more about professional beard styles that will suit office and home workers and the best formal beard styles for office work whether you go in or conduct face-to-face meetings through a webcam

Should I grow a beard while working from home?

Yes, you should. Many office beard styles look good and are not out of place in any professional setting. Therefore, just because you happen to be working from home doesn't mean you should carry on shaving every day. Indeed, even if you're looking for work, many professional beard styles for interviews can be grown which won't adversely affect your chances of landing a job. Attitudes to facial hair have changed in recent years and professional beard styles are now the norm in many industries. So long as you have a high-quality grooming kit, then there's nothing to stop you from growing – and maintaining – your beard so it looks truly professional at all times.

Why is it important to still look presentable while working from home?

As mentioned, modern office beard styles are no impediment to presenting yourself professionally. That said, unkempt, wild, frizzy or dirty facial hair will often create the very opposite impression. Imagine turning up to work in a pair of ripped, unwashed and ill-fitting jeans. In many workplaces, this simply wouldn't be acceptable. Why? Because it wouldn't be presentable and, therefore, regarded as not offering colleagues and clients sufficient professional courtesy. The same goes for facial hair which is why formal beard styles for office work are expected.

How Braun can help you perfect your beard at home

Whether you want an electric shaver for keeping on top of clean-shaven parts of your facial hair or would prefer an all-in-one product that can shape, trim and shave, Braun has you covered. When working from home, you may need to trim your beard at short notice for an online meeting, for example. Our ranges of professional beard care products are the very thing for last-minute or daily use.

For instance, our BT9 Pro Series of beard trimmers come with AutoSense technology so they will adapt as they're being used to the facial hair density they encounter. This series has up to 40 different length settings with a rotary dial that will lock in place for complete control. It's suited to wet and dry use, as well. There again, all-in-one style kits are perfect for stubble, beard hair and body grooming, too. You can even use them for dealing with eyebrows, nose and ear hair. Models like the all-in-one trimmer 7 and all-in-one trimmer 7+ come with multiple attachments and a 100-minute battery runtime between charges.

BT9 Pro Series of beard trimmers

If you want a multi grooming kit to help with your chosen office beard style, then the Braun multi-grooming kit 7 offers a great deal of versatility for many formal beard styles for the office. It can trim very effectively thanks to our ProBlade technology and will offer an effortless, fast and gentle operation when you're preparing yourself for a day's work at your home office. This kit is also suited to ear and nose hair trimming.

Braun multi-grooming kit 7

Easy to maintain work from home beards you can try

If you want a full beard, then a short boxed beard is a good professional beard style to try out. Grow your beard fully and then use a trimmer to keep it at a given length all over. Use an edging or contouring tool to trim the sides of your cheeks neatly and maintain your neckline. This will help to give your beard a formal, symmetrical look that's always presentable without becoming overgrown.

Alternatively, many men opt for a goatee or a petite goatee. Shave your cheeks, neck and throat area as you normally would. Only trim the area under your chin, however. If you also trim your upper lip instead of shaving it, then you can get two other popular professional beard looks, the circle beard and the so-called Royale beard.

Easy to maintain work from home beards you can try

Master Your Office Beard Style in 2023

Whether you want a chin strip beard or something fuller, like a Balbo beard which covers nearly all of the face except for the sideburn area, developing a professional appearance with facial hair isn't hard so long as you have the right tools for the job. Maintaining a professional beard style isn't something to leave to your barber when you go for a haircut but needs more frequent work even if you don't have to do it every day as most men do when clean shaving. Master your office beard style by choosing the right Braun beard trimming and grooming products for the formal look you want to achieve.

Master Your Office Beard Style in 2023

Discover Braun's Trimmer range to style your perfect look

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