Suitable even on pubic areas

Suitable even on pubic areas
Bikini area

1. Bikini area

Mons pubis as well as bikini line.

Area between the legs

2. Area between the legs

Do only use in the labia majora and perineum. Do not use in mucous membranes (such as the labia minora or vagina).

Area between buttocks

3. Area between buttocks

Do only use around and not in the anus. Note: Since these areas tend to have darker skin color, the device may not flash due to safety reasons even if the device has good contact with the skin.

Treatment head and power settings.

Please use the precision head for pubic area treatment. To prevent discomfort, treat the pubic area with the extra sensitive mode. Push the mode button until you can see only one indicator light.

Precision head

How to treat the pubic area

These instructions are valid for the models which contain a precision head.

  1. Before treating the pubic area, make sure you have done a patch test*.

  2. Remove any visible hair, lotions and creams from the area to treat. You might want to confirm full hair removal using a mirror.

  3. Stand, sit or crouch down to reach all areas to be treated.

The stamping method is recommended for the pubic area:

  1. Place the treatment window firmly on your skin, ensuring both skin sensors have skin contact. Stretch your skin with your fingers to improve skin contact.

  2. The power bars show white LEDs.

  3. Press and instantly release the treatment button (5)*. The device will emit a flash.

  4. Lift off the device and place it onto the next adjacent spot to be treated. Repeat steps 2 to 4 and continue spot by spot until you have completed the entire area.


  • Do not share your precision head with others.

  • Do only use device in areas where hair has been fully removed.

  • Do not use device in mucous membranes such as labia minora vagina or the anus.

    * In case of any doubts, please refer to the user manual.

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