All of our devices can, and should, be collected through Waste Electronic and Electric Equipment (WEEE) recycling.


Recycling to reduce electronic waste (e-waste)

Since our inception in 1921, our ambition has always been to create quality, durable products using fewer resources and producing less waste. As time has passed our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint has evolved. Ensuring we design our products and packaging so they can be widely recycled is an essential part of that commitment. Features that may seem simple, such as removable batteries, make our products easier to recycle. We continue to work closely with Landbell, our recycling partner in Europe, to not only comply with regulations, but to keep improving our products for even better recyclability.

We encourage and invite you to join us in helping to reduce e-waste. When your devices reach the end of their long life, they can still be put to good use. While we’re doing all we can, recycling does depend on local facilities meeting WEEE standards and users making sure their devices go to the right place. You can often find collection points in retailers, town and city waste sites or online.

Recycling your Braun products

How to properly dispose of my device

Considerations when recycling your Braun device

While we do everything we can to make our products recyclable, and are working towards 100% recyclability, regrettably not every part of every device can be given a new lease of life yet. Many of our devices and their parts can be recycled and recovered in line with local regulations and capabilities. At this moment in time, these vary.

Recycling in Europe

Our recycling solutions are in line with the regulatory requirements of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive 2012/19/EU, including labelling and return obligations. Users can hand in their Braun devices at our retail partners, Braun service centers or directly at a local recycling facility to enable the reprocessing of the recyclable metal elements.

Recycling outside of Europe

Recycling schemes differ across the globe given different country regulations and infastructure. With our commitment to reduce the overall impact of an electronic device across its life, we have started to seek out partnerships with the relevant recycling experts beyond Europe. Our vision is to implement a solution like the WEEE standard in the EU for other countries, e.g. US, Japan, China and Korea.

Durable Design

Durable Design

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