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A gift he’ll love.

Shavers and stylers for every man.

Braun shavers.

Series 9.

World’s most efficient shaver†.

Series 7.

The smart shaver that reads and adapts to his beard.

Series 5.

Maximum performance & excellent skin comfort.

Series 3 ProSkin.

Tough on bread. Smooth on skin.

Braun trimmers and grooming kits.

Beard trimmer.

4x more precision for your style‡.

Beard trimmer.

Ultimate precision for 100% control of your style.

All-in-one trimmers.

9 in 1 head-to-toe trimming
and styling.

S3 Shave & style.

Shave. Trim. Any Style.Top performance.

More gifts for her.

Based on global Braun value share in electric foil shaver market from April 2016 to April 2017. Source: Leading market research institutes
Tested on 3 day beard, vs leading premium tier products
vs previous Braun cruzer 5 beard