A gift he’ll love.

Shavers and stylers for every man.

A Present from the heart
Braun shavers.

Series 9.

World’s most efficient shaver¹.

Series 7.

The smart shaver that reads and adapts to his beard.

Series 5.

Maximum performance & excellent skin comfort.

Series 3 ProSkin.

Tough on bread. Smooth on skin.

Braun trimmers and grooming kits.

Beard trimmer.

4x more precision for your style².

Beard trimmer.

Ultimate precision for 100% control of your style.

All-in-one trimmers.

9 in 1 head-to-toe trimming and styling.

S3 Shave & style.

Shave. Trim. Any Style.Top performance.

More gifts for her.

¹Tested on 3-day beards, vs. leading products in the premium tier. / Details:
²vs previous Braun cruzer 5 beard

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