Braun WaterFlex Wet&Dry shaver
Braun WaterFlex Wet&Dry shaver with contour-adaptive swivel head.

Braun WaterFlex Wet&Dry shaver

For an unbeatably close*, smooth feeling

Braun WaterFlex Wet&Dry Shaver

Braun WaterFlex Wet&Dry Shaver

Specially designed to work with foam and gel

The skin experience of shaving with water, foam or gel. The thoroughness and convenience of Braun.

Braun WaterFlex Wet&Dry shaver with contour adaptive swivel head

Turns its head 33°. Adapts to your contours.

Irresistible Wet&Dry performance: the contour adaptive swivel head for full flexibility even in problem areas. The gentle way to maximize skin contact and avoid too much pressure. Less resistance, more comfort.

Braun WaterFlex Wet&Dry shaver with Triple action cutting system.

Amazingly close shave

Triple action cutting system. Surrounding the middle trimmer. The two OptiBlades are the most advanced foil design from Braun. Their special geometry and dimensions catch more hair and cut closer.

Braun WaterFlex Wet&Dry shavers video

See the WaterFlex shaver in action

Braun WaterFlex Wet&Dry shavers with Rechargeable Li-Ion battery

Rechargeable Li-Ion battery

Full charge in only 1 hour for 45 minutes of shaving time. 5 minute quick charge for a single shave. 2-stage LED display for battery status.

Braun WaterFlex Wet&Dry shavers are 100% waterproof

100% waterproof

And naturally, the Braun WaterFlex is 100% waterproof (certified to IPX7 standard). So you can use it comfortably in the shower and clean it easily under running water.

Braun WaterFlex Wet&Dry shaver with Thermo Plastic Elastomer

Not slippery when wet

Engineers call this material Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE). It is what the rubberised grip zone is made of. Structured with the Braun signature dot pattern, the slim handle design gives you a better grip and safer hold, even in wet conditions.

Braun WaterFlex Wet&Dry shaver with Extendable Trimmer

Extendable Trimmer

Slide out the precision long hair trimmer for accurate moustache and sideburn shaping.

Braun WaterFlex Wet&Dry shavers - made in Germany

Designed for exceptional performance every day, for many years

Quality engineered, tested and made in Germany.

What's in the box?

Braun WaterFlex Shaver with Various Attachments

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