20-Tweezer System

20-Tweezer System

20 tweezers efficiently remove hairs by the root for long-lasting smoothness.

SoftLift Tips®

SoftLift Tips®

SoftLift Tips® lift flat lying hair and guide them to the tweezers for easier removal.

High Frequency Massage system

Massage rollers

The Massage Rollers gently stimulate and massage your skin for even more comfort.



Smartlight. Never miss a hair again.

The Smartlight is one of the special features of the Braun Silk-épil 3. It reveals even the finest hairs so you can be sure they are all removed. For a long, long time.

Choose your speed

Two speed settings

Allow you to choose what’s best for your skin type and personal beauty routine.

Power source

Power source


12 V adapter

Cleaning brush



What's in the box

  • Braun Silk-épil 3 - 3170 Legs Epilator

    Silk-épil 3 3170

  • Cleaning brush for Silk-épil 3 - 3170 Legs Epilator

    Cleaning Brush

  • Charging cable for Silk-épil 3 - 3170 Legs Epilator

    Charging cable