Welcome to the world of the new Braun Series  7, 6 & 5


Incredible flexibility for any look you choose

Introducing a new generation of intuitive Braun shavers, taking your grooming routine to the next level. Whatever your desired look, either the smoothest shave or a specific grooming style, experience the breakthrough technology and ground-breaking design of the new Series 7, Series 6 & Series 5.

Incredible flexibility for a smiith shave

One device – many styles


The shaver becomes a multitool groomer by simply clicking on the attachments.

Beard styles

Innovation at Braun
Design for what matters

Innovation at Braun Grounded in a human need.

From research…

Research and observation are at the heart of Braun’s Good Design. Research helps us ensure we’re learning about how men shave and trim, as well as how best to clean the products, and provides the driving insight towards creating the best products.

From research.

To development

The result of our research is a completely redesigned, ergonomic slim handle. But it’s not just the handle that's changed. The angle between the handle and shaver head is designed in a completely different way, ensuring that the shaver head touches the skin with an optimised angle for easy control. How have we done this? Through a complete redesign of the drive system, improving the the motor position for an optimum centre of gravity.

To development.

Wolfgang Stegmann, Braun Head Designer, talks about the development process

Wolfgang Stegmann, Braun Head Designer, about the development process.
Series 7

Smooth Shave

360° Flex head.

360° Flex

For a smooth shave even in tricky areas.

AutoSense Technology.

AutoSense Technology

For every beard type: AutoSense technology understands beard density and automatically adapts the power.

Series 6

Sensitive Shave


Senso Flex

For less skin irritation, the pivoting SensoFlex head helps to keep low pressure on skin.

Dermatologically tested

Dermatologically tested

Braun Series 6 is dermatologically tested. This makes it the perfect option for consumers with sensitive skin.

Series 5

Clean & Close

EasyClean System.

EasyClean System

Clean your shaver without removing the shaver head.

Easy to handle.

Easy to handle

The new ergonomic handle enables an effortless shave with simple, intuitive movements.

Keeping our customers satisfied: The Braun priority

• 90% would recommend this shaver (to a friend)
• 90% of consumers agree... ‘Responds to your contours to capture hairs in tricky areas’
• 95% of consumers agree... ‘Agile/flexible to make shaving tricky areas easy’

*Claim supported by IPI test S7 vs. Braun310s, N=5

The most important thing for us: Satisfied consumers.

“It’s really flexible. I can achieve any style I want.”

“It’s an ideal adaptation.”

“With less pressure it’s easier for me, it’s gentle.”

A shaver that’s designed to last

Innovation at Braun Grounded in a human need.

Designed, engineered and tested in Germany

The new Braun Series 7, 6 & 5 shavers were designed, engineered and tested in Germany. The torture test you can see here is only one example of the numerous tests we do.

Designed, engineered and tested in Germany.

Tested for all conditions

Braun always wants to achieve the best results. We test for heat, humidity and climate change.

Stress tested for any conditions.

At the heart of Braun is the urge to make things useful, simple and built to last.

Wolfgang Stegmann, Braun Head Designer, about the development process.


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