Body grooming and hair removal around the world
Body grooming and hair removal around the world

Body grooming and hair removal around the world

Body hair removal is not just a fashionable trend followed by a few hip trendsetters

Guys around the world have made manscaping a natural part of their grooming routine. However - how, where and why they shave is a kaleidoscope of national preferences and local styles. Some like their chests clean-shaven, others prefer a groomed groin or trimmed armpits… it's a classic case of 'When in Rome…'!

To give you a little insight into the international world of body grooming, here are a few hairy facts on what body hair removal means to guys around the globe. And who knows, you might even discover you're Italian or French at heart!

Body Grooming and Hair Removal in Germany

The German fur man

Actually, the German fur man doesn't really deserve his name - in fact he prefers smooth and clean to furry and fuzzy, but the rhyme was too good to pass up! The German fur man prefers a clean shave to neat trims. His favourite shaving spot is his armpits - he's not really into leg shaving. He likes to complete his look with a shaved groin and chest to achieve a prime example of German body grooming.

Body Grooming and Hair Removal in Italy

The Italian

Italian Stallion doesn't just indulge in spaghetti and vino, he also likes to treat himself to a fine dose of body hair removal. His favourite target is his manly chest - he likes it clean-shaven and sleek to let those hard-earned muscles shine. He also has a go at his armpits, groin and legs from time to time, to achieve the perfect look of “amore galore”.

Body Grooming and Hair Removal in France

The Fancy Frenchman

The Fancy Frenchman likes his body hair to resemble the lawn of his château - neatly trimmed and well groomed. To avoid armpit hair poking out, he focuses on trimming his underarms, which he grooms with great care. For an even classier look, the Fancy Frenchman also tends to his chest and groin, but shies away from leg shaving - perhaps because he doesn't want them to look like frogs' legs?

Body Grooming and Hair Removal in the USA

The Swanky Yankee

The Swanky Yankee has jumped on the body hair removal bandwagon big time and is grooming his body to the max. His main trimming target is his groin - wasn't there a rumour that certain body parts look larger after grooming?! He also likes giving his armpit hair a good trim, and prefers his chest smooth and clean-shaven to pull off the sharp look of an all American manscaper.

Body grooming and hair removal in England

The Breezy Briton

The Breezy Briton not only likes queuing and fish & chips, he also likes to mind the gap - his armpit gap, that is. He likes his underarms neatly groomed and also shaves his chest and groin from time to time. Leg shaving doesn't rank high on the body grooming list of the average Brit - which obviously means Mr Beckham isn't your average Brit!

Body Grooming and Hair Removal in Spain

The Spectacular Spaniard

The Spectacular Spaniard is a fan of shaved chests and smooth legs. He prefers showing off his sun-tanned Iberian body nice and smooth and opts for a clean shave rather than trimming. To round off the perfect look for fiesta and siesta, the Spectacular Spaniard also likes to shave his underarms and groin from time to time. He also has a go at his nape, eyebrows or head when he feels like it - the complete look for a hot-blooded Don Juan!