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Braun Satin Hair 7 IONTEC Brushes
More shine, less frizz from the first stroke.*

Braun Satin Hair 7 IONTEC Brushes

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Not sure which models suits you best?

Switch on for
instant shine and smoothness

Say good-bye to fly-away hair thanks to these amazing brushes with IONTEC. At the touch of a button, millions of active ions infuse hair to beat static and frizz and to visibly boost shine.

Gentle brushing – perfect for
your hairtype.

Natural bristles for exceptionally gentle brushing
of fine to medium hair (BR750).

Incredibly gentle on hair, the natural bristles glide smoothly and
effortlessly through the hair.

Seamless bristles for gentle and effective detangling of
medium to thick hair (BR710/BR730).

With no burrs and sharp edges, the seamless bristles glide smoothly
for easy and fast without damaging the cuticle.

Touch up your hair style
anytime, anywhere.

The brushes come in travel size and are cordless, to fit perfectly in your purse for style touch ups on the go.

Sascha Breuer
Braun Global Style Director:

„When it comes to creating effortless sleek and healthy looking hair, this is my secret weapon. Everyone should have this brush at home. You´ll wonder how you ever managed without it.“

Powerful features.


for impressive drying and styling results.

Natural bristles


Seamless bristles

for damage-free glide (BR710).

Battery powered (2 included)

Automatic power-off for longer battery lifetime.

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