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Sleek Pompadour

“We all like to make an entrance and today’s look oozes elegance straight from the runway. Be ‘catwalk’ ready wherever your evening takes you”

- Sascha Breuer, Braun Style Director

Sleek Pompadour

What you need

Step-by-step tutorial

Step 1

Start by blow drying your hair with the SensoDryer professional nozzle.

TOP TIP: Sascha recommends starting by lightly blow drying your hair with the SensoDryer diffuser to give volume to your hair.

Step 2

Split the front section into 3. Backcomb the front middle section and then do the same to the sides.

Step 3

Build the quiff: Take the top sections and start to twist firmly to form the shape. Then secure it in place with one or two bobby pins.

Step 4

Straighten the rest of the hair. The SensoCare styler adjusts temperature as you style for ultimate heat protection, ensuring perfectly sleek and healthy-looking hair.

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