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Big Volume With Defined Waves

“Big hair is sexy! Let’s face it, most celebrities can’t get enough of it. Today we’re showing you how to recreate red carpet inspired looks so you can enjoy being in the spotlight.”

- Sascha Breuer, Braun Style Director

Big volume with defined waves

What you need

Step-by-step tutorial

Step 1

Section the top of the hair into 3: gather the top layer of it and twist it across to hold it with a clip on top of the head.

Step 2

Pull portions of the hair over a round brush. Blow air against the strands with the SensoDryer’s professional narrow nozzle.

TOP TIP: Sascha’s advice is to use an extra cool shot to lock the shape.

Step 3

Backcomb for more volume on top.

Step 4

Finalize the style by defining the wave with the SensoCare styler that has smooth edges for easy curling. Just clamp the iron over on itself and move it slowly down your hair.

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