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An Origami Takeaway Cup without Requiring A Plastic Lid

Designed by Chia Chun Chuang and Pei Chun Hsueh

About the project.
The overuse of plastic and low recycling efficiency is a major problem that is worsening during the pandemic. The plastic lids of takeaway cups contribute significantly to the growing amount of waste on our planet. The recycling system also has its difficulties with recycling takeaway cups. Most people do not follow the steps to separate paper cups and lids because they are too lazy. In addition, the pandemic has made people more reliant than ever on delivery and takeaway services for hygiene and safety reasons.

How does LIDfree shape a different tomorrow? Reduce plastic use & increase recycling efficiency. We targeted plastic lids, laziness of users and pandemic to establish three principles to solve the problems. First: Stop using the plastic lid. We have been inspired by the features of the plant to merge the cup and lid into one using the origami technique. LIDfree features a hexagonal folding rim that collapses inwards to shut the top instead of using a plastic lid.

Second: Don‘t change the original user-behavior. We want to keep all the features of a typical cup while trying to improve them. Quicker open and shut down, Prevent spillage, being stackable, Insert eco-straws of any width...etc. Users can maintain their usual behavior when using LIDfree and enjoy a better user experience.

Finally, simplifying the recycling process. LIDfree is made from a single type of paper, so the lid and cup do not need to be separated. Users can easily follow the folding line to flatten the cups without getting their hands wet. LIDfree reduces the volume of cups in recycling bins and supports a smoother recycling process. During the pandemic, it is difficult to maintain environmental protection. We believe that LIDfree is more suitable for the future and that there is no need to force anyone to change. People can keep the same habits to recycle naturally even after the pandemic.

Jury statement.
„This was one of my favorite concepts at a first glance. The origami structure is stackable and easy to fold - basically fitting to most of the ‘to go’ scenarios and it is also very clever that with the structure flexibility that you can even insert a straw through the middle hole on the lid which allows for a second way of drinking. I’m aware that it might not be a perfect design solution yet but still I appreciate the simplicity, elegance, and cleverness of the outcome. I think the designers made a small point about wasting plastic lids, but I think small things make a big difference in the long run.“ – Li Ning Ning

Chia Chun Chuang

Industrial Designer, Taiwan

Chia Chun Chuang

Pei Chun Hsueh

Industrial Designer, Taiwan

Pei Chun Hsueh
BraunPrize Winner Young Creatives LIDfree - A takeaway origami cup that doesn't need a plastic lid
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