Intelligent Sonic Technology with 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute. Captures more hairs with every stroke.

Smart Shaver

Braun‘s Sonic technology reads and adapts to your beard. The shaver senses the density of the beard and provides extra power where needed.


Five shaving modes from Sensitive to Turbo to personalize your shaving experience to your skin type and preferences.

The personalization buttons make it easy to choose your favorite one of 5 shaving modes, from sensitive to turbo mode.

4 shaving elements


2x Opti-Foil™

For perfect closeness that lasts longer.


ActiveLift trimmer

Captures flat-lying hairs in problem areas.

Protective SkinGuard

Protective SkinGuard

Smoothens the skin for an exceptional shaving experience.

8-D Flexible Shaving System

8-D Flexible Shaving System

The 8 directional flexible shaver head masters even the most problematic contours. With individually floating foils and trimmer, mounted on a pivoting head with Micro- and MarcoMotion. Skin contact as close as 0.05mm.



40° pivoting shaver head effortlessly navigates along larger contours for maximum skin contact.



Individual suspension of all cutting elements responds even tot he smallest contours.


Precision trimmer. Trim to perfect shape.

Precision trimmer

The integrated and skin-friendly precision trimmer slides out of the back of the shaver for easy and more accurate sideburn shaping.

Precision headlock

Precision HeadLock

Braun Precision HeadLock lets you lock the shaver head for for maximum control in difficult areas under your nose or chin.

100% waterproof

100% waterproof

Experience premium German engineering quality. All Braun shavers are waterproof up to 5 metres, so you can conveniently rinse them under running water or even shave under the shower.

Use Wet&Dry or in the shower.

Shave wet or dry

With Series 7 you can shave dry or use water, foam or gel for even better gliding and a smoother skin feeling.

Advanced display for battery status & hygiene.

Advanced display for battery status & hygiene

Very precise indication of charging, battery (3 levels) and foil replacement.

Powerful Li-Ion battery with no memory effect.

50min cordless shaving

The state-of-the-art Li-Ion battery never loses performance and fully recharges in one hour. The premium display indicates the remaining shave time.

Running/Charging time

Running/Charging time

Fully charged in 1 hour. Shaves for 50 minutes. State of the art Li-Ion battery delivers power reliably. Quick-charge for one shave in only 5 minutes.

Cordless shaving

Automatic voltage adaptation

Automatic voltage adaptation

Travel case




High performance foils & cutter blocks

Get back 100% shaving performance.

Find the right foil & cutter block


Braun Series 7 FAQs

What's the difference between foil and rotary shavers?
Rotary shavers are designed to work with cyclical movements while Braun foil shavers are designed to work with efficient sideways movements on the skin giving perfect control and precision. The foils protect the skin from irritation and are specifically designed to deliver the most thorough and comfortable shave from Braun.

Why would I need a cleaning center when I can clean my Series 7 shaver under water?
Our tests show that cleaning your shaver with a Clean&Charge Station is 10 times more hygienic than cleaning it under the tap. On top it‘s more convenient, i.e. at the touch of a button your shaver is cleaned, charged, lubricated and dried automatically.

I already have a cleaning center from my previous Braun shaver (Pulsonic or Syncro). Can I use it with the new Series 7 shaver?
No, the Series 7 cleaning center is the ultimate model from the Braun Clean&Charge line and can‘t be used with previous models. The latest cleaning center provides you with the best technology available in a cleaning center.

How often do I need to exchange the cleaning center refill cartridge?
If you clean your shaver with the cleaning center twice a week, you will only need to replace the refill cartridge every 2 to 3 months to experience a shaver like new, every day. The save & subscribe option from Amazon allows you to subscribe for a regular home delivery and at the same time save 10% on the price of the Clean&Charge refill. You don‘t have to think about it and always have a Clean&Charge refill available when you need it.

Do you have any recommendation on how to shave with an electric foil shaver?
We recommend that you shave before you take a shower. After a few days without shaving, for example during the weekend, you should trim your stubble before you shave. Stretch the skin and shave against the direction of beard growth. Hold the shaver at a right angle (90°) to your skin. Keep the pressure even to achieve the most thorough and comfortable shave from Braun.

How often do I need to change the shaver head?
We recommend replacing all cutter parts every 18 months. We included a replacement part indicator in the display to ensure you know when to exchange the cutter parts, in order for your shaver to always stay at 100% performance.

Does the battery have a memory effect as we know it from cell phone or laptops?
No, the Series 7 shavers use a Li-ion battery which has no memory effect. You can recharge it whenever you want and it has a low self-discharge rate (vs. NiMh batteries). Li-Ion batteries are the most powerful and long-lasting batteries available for Braun shavers.

Do the Braun Series 7 shavers have a warranty? How long is it?
All Braun shavers come with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

What's in the box

  • Series 7 black Wet&Dry

    Series 7 black Wet&Dry

  • SmartPlug for Series Series 7 black Wet&Dry


  • Travel pouch for SmartPlug for Series 7 black Wet&Dry

    Travel pouch

  • Cleaning brush for SmartPlug for Series 7 black Wet&Dry

    Cleaning brush

Ratings and Reviews

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4.56/5 (99)


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08 September, 2016

Best shave I've ever had

When I received the Braun Series 7 7840s shaver I was so impressed. It really does what it says on the tin. It's the Rolls Royce of shavers!After half a lifetime of nicking myself with razors I have had a chance to use a superb electric razor and will never go back to using manual blades again [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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09 September, 2016

Braun Series 7 7840s - My best shave to date!!

I have been using the Braun Series 7 7840s shaver over the last two weeks. I will start by saying how pleasantly surprised I was at the quality of product and also the shave after IT'S USE.The product arrived neatly and compactly packaged in it's box. There was the shaver itself, a case to hold it, cleaning brush and a power cable. The only immediate disappointment that I had was that the charging plug had a two prong plug connection, so you need either an adaptor or shaver socket to charge the device.The manual was concise and gives a brief, clear description on how to use the product.It only took a short amount of time for the shaver to be fully charged and it can be used for several days thereafter, which I thought was great. I was a bit hesitant to use the shaver as I wasn't sure what to expect but once I started to use it I really couldn't believe the results. There was no discomfort in using the product which resulted in no later skin irritation, something that I normally suffer horrifically from. And I found that I only needed to go over areas of my face once for all the hair to be shaved off in any given area. It was a quick, efficient and dare I say pleasurable experience.During the second week I used the hair trimmer function instead of the main shave. This is designed to trim your hair down to a short length. Whilst this was okay, I didn't find it as good as other products that I have previously used for this purpose - that said, I think it's important to remember this is a secondary function not primary purpose. My minor frustration was that dependent on how you held the product it was often clip back shut mid-trim and I also found myself repeatedly going over my parts of my face to ensure an evenness to the trim.It was easy to clean the product, which is recommended after every use and is small enough to fit nicely in my wash bag, so wouldn't take up too much space if travelling.The aesthetic design and feel to the shaver is difficult to describe. It's a beautifully crafted and solid product, that has a good weight to it. You can feel the quality of this product and I have no doubt in it's robustness to last me through the years.I cannot see myself using a traditional razor again, this shaver makes it redundant and feel pre-historic. For a quick and close shave without any irritation, I would recommend this product to anyone. I have reduced my rating to four out of five stars solely because of the plug type and beard trimmer. I would not hesitate to buy this product though and would see it as a long term investment in anyone's male grooming routine! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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23 August, 2016

Mr Clayton

I think this new Braun Series 7 Shaver is brilliant comes with stylish casing. This has replaced my old shaver. Feels a 1000xs smoother shave compared to my old one. The movable head is also really good to use on eitga wet or dry shave thanks very much bzz agent!! Brilliant Shaver!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Your Location:
St Clears
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29 August, 2016

Easy to use, but not close enough shave for my liking.

I've been using wet shave razors for the last 10 years and thought I'd give this a try. Whilst it is easy to use and has a nice feel to it, its shave isn't as close as I'd like day to day. My first shave was a disaster, continuing on with first my Braun clippers and then with my wet shave razor to get as close as I normally like it. Second shave waa much better though so perhaps it's just my skin getting used to electric shaving again. It leaves a few little hairs behind each time, but I'll keep using this for a few more weeks at least. It does come with a handy travel case and I must admit it's a lot easier to shave when camping! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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02 September, 2016

A very pleasant surprise from an electric shaver!

I have owned this shaver for about 2 weeks now and have been pleasantly surprised by how effective it is at giving me a close shave with very little effort on my part. I have previously owned electric shavers that have always left me feeling that I needed to go over my face again with a traditional razor but this was not the case with this one.It may be in part due to the shavers ability to adapt to the coarseness of the hair automatically (I have been told by the barber I have particularly coarse hair) as well as the ability to make adjustments yourself. Either way I was very impressed with the results for both trimming around an existing beard and a full shave.I have seen reviews from others stating that the size of the head on the Series 7 shavers can make it difficult to shave effectively in areas such as under the nose. This particular model features the ability to lock the head in position enabling you to shave those hard to reach areas more effectively. It also features a fold out trimmer located above the power button that has plenty of power and enabled me to effectively shape an existing beard. I have found that the Li-on battery has provided plenty of charge to last me a week before topping it up with no noticeable drop in cutting power, it also features the handy option of being able to give the shaver a quick charge that will enable you complete a shave for those occasions when you forgot to connect it the night before. I am sure this will come in useful for me on more than one occasion. I was so impressed with the shaver that I invested in the Clean and Renew station that enables you to sterilise, clean and lubricate the cutting head increasing the life and effectiveness of the consumable parts of the shaver. If you are unable to add this it is still easy to clean the head either with the included brush or by removing it and washing it under a tap. Just remember to allow it to fully dry and lubricate it afterwards. To sum up, the shaver has significantly decreased the amount of time I have to spend in front of the mirror each morning whilst giving me the confidence that I have a close shave with minimal effort on my part. It seems to be much more effective at picking up hairs on the first pass. It is a very powerful shaver that I would and recommended to others without hesitation and I am very difficult to please. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Your Location:
Hemel Hempstead
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10 September, 2016

One of the better shavers

I've had a couple of electric shavers in the past. I've always been optimistic that I could find a product that would de-faff the morning routine when it comes time to shave but have ALWAYS been left disappointed. As a result, I've never wanted to waste money on another one. When I heard about this shaver and that I was going to get to test it, I thought - awesome! From the spec it sounds like it might actually perform where others have failed. Even better I wasn't going to be out of pocket if it didn't work. So... How did it fair? Actually this exceeded my expectation. It's a good looking bit of kit. The pack I received contained the shaver, lead, case and instructions. The shaver itself has a nice weight to it and is ergonomically pleasant to hold. Really, I need to split this review into two halves. I have an odd face, it has to be said. This is one of the main reasons previous shavers have failed in their duty. My face is fine but the beardy area of my neck is particularly stubborn which is the stumbling block for normal shavers. Truthfully, this razor with all it's adaptive technology, still couldn't manage to do a decent job of clearing it. It tried! The other frustration I've always had with electric shavers is that they don't provide a close, consistent, shave. There's always the odd patch which you don't go over enough times and you find later which is annoying. This model actually achieved a great result - very close. Almost as good as a wet shave and was also very consistent. The shaver head pivots to follow the contours of your face and it also has a lock clip to provide a more targeted shaving point for under your nose etc. The head itself also has a number of features which mean it can handle most lengths of hair growth. I found that you need to take the head off before each shave to empty it otherwise the performance suffered. Generally, I would recommend this to someone with a "normal" beard. It achieved great results. If you have a stubborn face like me, it is actually still helpful as it does the majority of the shave with minimal faff. I just finished the stubborn areas with a regular wet shave razor. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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03 September, 2016

High quality shave from a trusted brand, Braun.

High quality item, very well made and seems unlikely to break if well looked after. Excellent shave in both wet and dry. However with very long hair like a full grown beard it started to struggle, though I realise that it is not designed for this type of shave and more for your daily quick shave. Very quick to charge and comes in a nice case. For travelling it would have been better if the charger fitted in the case too. Overall I'm very impressed with the Braun series 7 7840s and would highly recommend it. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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27 August, 2016

Best shave EVER!!!

I revived my Braun razor Free in the post from BzzAgent and well what can I say? This is got to be by far the Best shaver I've ever had in my life. This product scores a 10/10! Gives you the closest shave with an electric razor! I will definitely recommend this product to everyone! Easy to use, easy to clean and all round amazing product. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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26 August, 2016

Braun Series 7 7840s

Hello, well I have been waiting for this and so has the Mrs so I can get rid of my fuzz.What would I want to know before I get this product was does the Braun reputation live up to its famous name.....the answer has to be a firm yes!The shaver itself shaves close with almost None irritation. - Works best as a daily shaver - Adequate trimmer for side burns - Comes with a travel lock to prevent unintended running - Quick Charge - 5 min's enough for 1 shave but I have left mine on now to fully charge.I have tried brands of shavers Phillips for instance but the Braun's do feel to be very robust, I do like this this model 7840 as you don't have to put the cleaning fluid in, this not only saves time but money also. the product also has 3 setting don't leave it on the first blue setting or you will spend ages shaving, I put mine to the top setting "flashy green one" to get the fastest shave. overall I'm very happy with the product. #BzzAgent :-) [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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22 August, 2016

Braun Series 7

It's an great product very good shave, leave face fealing nice and smooth, would defo recommend this product. Looks great and has a carry pouch aswell. Shows charge level and love the function of changing sensitivity high/low. Just a shame it comes with an EU plug so needed to buy an converter. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]